Here are my livetexed notes from the Strings and Automorphic Forms in Topology conference. Please let me know if you have any corrections.

(To the speakers: I'd be especially happy for your corrections, and of course I can also take down my notes from your talk if they're not up to your standards.)

John Francis: Factorization homology of knots
Niko Naumann: Strict multiplications on Brown-Peterson spectra
Markus Szymik: Characteristics of structured ring spectra (notes removed by request, since the work hasn't been published anywhere else yet)
Gerald Hoehn: Circle actions on manifolds and complex elliptic genera
Nora Ganter: (Stringy) power operations in Tate K-theory
Vesna Stokanoska: A study of tmf cooperations
Andrey Lazarev: Derived deformation theory and models for classifying spaces (no notes; talk used slides)
Hans-Werner Henn: Recent developments in chromatic stable homotopy theory
Nathaniel Stapleton: Generalized transchromatic character maps (and more!)
Anssi Lahtinen: String topology of classifying spaces
Nitu Kitchloo: The stable symplectic category and derived geometric quantization (no notes; talk used slides)
Christopher Schommer-Pries: A finite dimensional model of the string group
Vassily Gorbunov: Quantum cohomology and quantum groups
Peter Teichner: Invertible topological field theories and differential cohomology
David Gepner: Homotopy invariance in algebraic K-theory
Hanno von Bodecker:
On certain nilmanifolds and their f-invariants