Factorization homology (Math 641), USC, Spring 2019

Multivariable calculus (Math 226), USC, Fall 2018
Fundamental concepts of analysis (Math 425A), USC, Fall 2018
Single-variable calculus (Math 125), USC, Spring 2018
Single-variable calculus (Math 125), USC, Fall 2017
Seminar ∞ (graduate seminar), Ohio State, Fall 2016
Linear algebra (Math 2568), Ohio State, Fall 2016
An invitation to factorization algebras (graduate seminar -- Math 276) with Prof. Peter Teichner, UC Berkeley, Spring 2016
Proof-based linear algebra (Math 110) with Prof. Edward Frenkel, UC Berkeley, Spring 2016
Single-variable calculus II (Math 1B) with Prof. Nicolai Reshetikhin, UC Berkeley, Spring 2015
Single-variable calculus I (Math 1A) with Prof. Ian Agol, UC Berkeley, Fall 2011