This is the webpage for my two sections (104 and 105) of Math 1A with Prof. Ian Agol, Fall 2011.

***Our review session will be Thursday Dec. 8 from 7pm to 10pm in 102 Wurster Hall.***

section 104section 104 solutionssection 105section 105 solutions
Quiz 1s104q1s104q1solnss105q1s105q1solns
Quiz 2s104q2s104q2solnss105q2s105q2solns
Quiz 3s104q3s104q3solnss105q3s105q3solns
Quiz 4s104q4s104q4solnss105q4s105q4solns
Quiz 5s104q5s104q5solnss105q5s105q5solns
Quiz 6s104q6s104q6solnss105q6s105q6solns
Quiz 7s104q7s104q7solnss105q7s105q7solns
Quiz 8s104q8s104q8solnss105q8s105q8solns
Quiz 9s104q9s104q9solnss105q9s105q9solns

The Ballad of the Gallant Hero and the Malicious Adversary: a worksheet on epsilon-delta proofs

midterm 1
midterm 1 solutions

midterm 2
midterm 2 solutions

shortest line segment through (a,b)

practice problems [skip #30]

fall 2008 final
fall 2008 final solutions

fall 2011 final
fall 2011 final solutions