This is the webpage for Seminar ∞, a seminar on higher category theory and its applications run during the fall 2016 semester at Ohio State.

spacetime coordinates: Tuesdays at 1pm in MA 105, beginning Sept. 6. We'll generally run for roughly 60-90 minutes, depending on a few factors.

contact: edu.osu@mazel-gee.1

core topic: fundamentals of ∞-category theory (and its relation with other methods of abstract homotopy theory, especially model categories)

statement of purpose: There's a serious disconnect between how ∞-categories are usually presented and how they're actually used (and actually useful). My central aim is to provide a working familiarity with both aspects of the theory.

prerequisites: Basic category theory (categories, functors, natural transformations, adjunctions) and basic homotopy theory (homotopy and co/homology groups, co/fiber sequences, weak homotopy equivalences). A bit of homological algebra could be helpful for motivation, but shouldn't really be necessary.

possible subsequent topics:

further connections:
Here is a guide which will hopefully be helpful for transitioning to student talks in the spring semester.