This is the webpage for my two sections (105 and 108) of Math 110 with Prof. Edward Frenkel, Spring 2016.

office hours: 9am-11am on Thursdays in 1045 Evans.
For RRR week only: review sessions
- Monday, 5:30pm-7:30pm,
- Tuesday, 11am-1pm, and
- Wednesday, 2pm-4pm,
all held in 736 Evans.

All students in the course (not just those in my section) are welcome to attend all these review sessions. Conversely, other GSIs will be holding their own review sessions throughout the week (you can see the full schedule on Prof. Frenkel's website), and you all should feel free to attend those as well.

In each review session, I'll begin with a mini-lecture, but otherwise you should work on problems yourselves (ideally in groups!) -- I'll be available to answer questions when you get stuck. The mini-lectures will be themed as follows: Monday will be a general overview (in particular covering the first-half material, since it's a prerequisite for the second-half material even if it won't be explicitly emphasized on the final); Tuesday will be about Jordan canonical form; and Wednesday will be about Markov processes, adjoint operators, and whatever else there is to cover. I hope that having some amount of direction fosters more discussion amongst you all, and presumably you will want to focus on that day's theme in your explorations, but of course I will be happy to answer questions on any of the material in any of the review sessions.

contact: edu.berkeley.math@aaron

quizzes and solutions
2Q/A 3.0/2.1 Q/A 3.1/1.3
3Q/A 2.7/2.8 Q/A 1.8/1.6
4Q/A 3.5/2.8 Q/A 3.4/2.3
6Q/A 3.9/2.7 Q/A 3.8/3.4
8-9Q/A 3.9/2.9 Q/A 3.7/2.4
10Q/A 2.6/3.1 Q/A 2.9/2.4
11Q/A 2.3/3.7 Q/A 2.4/4.0
12Q/A 3.6/3.7 Q/A 3.2/3.7
13-14Q/A 3.3/3.4 Q/A 2.7/3.6