This is the webpage for my Spring 2019 "topics in topology" class (Math 641), which is on the topic of factorization homology.

A course outline is here.

contact: usc.edu@aaron.mazelgee

lectures: TuTh 12:30-1:45pm in KAP 427

office hours: directly after lecture and by appointment

The earlier homework problems are collected here. (There are a few more scattered throughout the later lecture notes, which may be added here eventually.)

lecture notes
1. the idea of factorization homology
2. the Dold--Thom theorem
3. singular homology
4. simplicial sets and geometric realization
5. model categories
6. the Dold--Kan correspondence
7. homotopy limits and colimits
8. ∞-categories
9. factorization homology
10. Hochschild homology
11. homology theories for manifolds
12. factorization homology with commutative coefficients
13. factorization homology with free coefficients
14. nonabelian Poincare duality
15. factorization homology with universal enveloping coefficients
Poincaré/Koszul duality -- see here (starting at page 14)