This is the webpage for my Spring 2019 "topics in topology" class (Math 641), which is on the topic of factorization homology.

A course outline is here.

contact: usc.edu@aaron.mazelgee

lectures: TuTh 12:30-1:45pm in KAP 427

office hours: directly after lecture and by appointment

The earlier homework problems are collected here. (There are a few more scattered throughout the later lecture notes, which may be added here eventually.)

lecture notes
1. the idea of factorization homology
2. the Dold--Thom theorem
3. singular homology
4. simplicial sets and geometric realization
5. model categories
6. the Dold--Kan correspondence
7. homotopy limits and colimits
8. ∞-categories
9. factorization homology
10. Hochschild homology
11. homology theories for manifolds
12. factorization homology with commutative coefficients
13. factorization homology with free coefficients [notes may appear eventually]
14. nonabelian Poincare duality
15. factorization homology with universal enveloping coefficients
Poincaré/Koszul duality -- see here (starting at page 14)